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The Ladies That Make It All Possible

Cheri Paulson


Sharla Dillman


Rhonda Winkler


Teri Geurts-Roeseler


Kimberly Haviland


Brittney Korger


Holly Samson


Little Charlotte

little charlotte.jpg

Hi, I'm Little Charlotte.  I'm the group's mascot, if you will.  I'm not really "little"... but do you think I am cute?

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Knowing Cheri for most of my life, I have been able to encourage her on a lot of her "dream big" adventures, and they keep coming. My family is starting to be more independent, so it gives me a chance to help where I can. Having kids with animal allergies has put a halt on owning our own slew of rescues, but I'm excited about helping other families find their fur baby.

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I am a soon to be mom of two with a creative bone. When I’m not spending time with my toddler you can catch me in a book or crafting. I’m an avid animal lover that is here to help!

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I'm a zoo keeper by day (we have 4 crazy cats and a senior dog) and then a nurse by night. I’m already working with one of my passions - helping elderly people. When Cheri asked me to be part of an animal rescue, I got so excited to be part of something with my second passion - ANIMALS! I believe we need to be the voice and heroes for those fur babies that cannot do it themselves. Our rescues ended up rescuing us.

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I'm a momma to a (now adult) human, and to a doggy and two cats.  I was born an animal lover, and helping animals is my passion.  I even have my own online auction site, where I auction off painted rock art and other goodies to help my local animals.  Check it out...

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Hi I’m Rhonda a Salon Owner and a Stylist with 28 years in the industry. I love helping people look their best. I have a big heart for large dogs and am looking forward to this new adventure.

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I'm from South Texas and the member who helped Cheri to make this choice because I see lots of dogs and puppies on the streets daily. Me and my husband are excited to start this adventure and love helping all animals. I have done work with taking my rescues and helping others.

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Welcome to getting to know the board members. I'm Cheri Paulson, and my passion for helping and love for animals has helped me to decide to form this rescue. My husband and I love to go on adventures. In the past, that has been an expression we used when we added fur babies to our home. So, with knowing how much joy that has added to our lives, I realized that I wanted to do that for others too. With the support of my family, I am excited to help give more dogs and puppies forever loving homes.

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